Wuhan Defence War

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Preventing and controlling the epidemic in Hubei and Wuhan is a top priority. Defense wars in Wuhan and Hubei are crucial to the overall situation.

After the epidemic, parts of the country insisted on one-party difficulties and eight-party support. Most medical workers who come to Hubei and Wuhan to support and carry forward the spirit of the fearless revolution, the commander of the People's Liberation Army and the personnel of various places are getting more and more difficult. , Perseverance, not afraid of sacrifice, to overcome difficulties. From New Year's Eve and starry nights to emergency gatherings during the Lantern Festival, medical staff across the country rushed to the front lines of Wuhan. Dozens of units worked closely together, and construction teams across the country quickly gathered to build Wuhan Vulcan Mountain and Thunder Mountain in a short period of time. Hospitals: Establish counterpart support mechanisms, and provinces fully support cities such as Hubei to strengthen treatment and epidemic prevention of patients; the military has ensured the effective delivery of medical supplies and personnel, and has brought a large number of medical personnel to the forefront of disease prevention and control. The troops gathered in Hubei and Wuhan, and resources leaned towards Hubei and Wuhan. The people of the whole country joined hands with the people of Hubei and Wuhan to fight the epidemic.

"Wuhan, come on!" "Hubei, we are here!" "Resisting together, working together!" We have witnessed the power of state supervision and mutual help, and the courage of millions of people who are not afraid of any difficulties. Wuhan is a city of heroes. The people of Hubei and Wuhan are heroes. They have never been shattered by the difficulties and dangers of history. As long as we work together, fight heroically, and overcome difficulties together, we can defeat Wuhan, Hubei, and even the whole country, and achieve a comprehensive victory in the epidemic prevention struggle.

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