What problems should customers pay attention to when trading?

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First you must prepare the following: 

1. A credit card or bank card that can be paid online

2. High resolution logo 

3. Detailed address and mobile number


Our team has dedicated business people, you can choose to contact them (mail, whatsapp, skype, phone).


Tell us the details of the products you need, and the number, size, material, color, process, production time, packaging method, etc. of our team.


Provide your high-resolution logo, and the excellent design team will design the most suitable artwork for you based on your logo. We will provide you with the best price after all the information on the order has been confirmed. After the order is confirmed, you need to confirm the delivery time and method with the team staff. We will pick the fastest and safest shipping method based on your address. (door to door or door to warehouse).


Choose the right payment method to ensure the payment is secure. You can check the exact payment information with our team by email, phone, etc. before payment. The seller is required to provide an invoice and keep proof of payment.


We will take photos and confirm with you before the product is scheduled for shipment. Upon receipt of your consent to the delivery, we will arrange for the shipment and provide the tracking number of the goods. Due to the different national and regional differences, the timeliness will be different. If you encounter normal customs clearance, please cooperate with the local customs to clear the customs, so that the goods can be delivered safely and on time.

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