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On August 13, the company issued a wave of benefits and prepared a group activity for everyone to relax. Departing at 6:30 on the morning of the 3rd, a group of 41 people drove to the Tiantangzhai scenic spot in Hubei Province. After more than 4 hours, they arrived at the destination at around 11:00. After simply eating Chinese food, we rushed to the scenic spot. Climbing the main peak of Tiantangzhai, it is 1,729 meters above sea level. It is known as the first peak of the Central Plains. It is famous for its beautiful scenery and has a long history. It has many historical stories and cultural heritage.

After arriving at the scenic spot, after mutual discussion, everyone felt that the weather was hot and the whole journey was too labor-intensive. They took the cable car directly to the halfway up the mountain. The scenery on the mountain was beautiful. The process of climbing a mountain is very difficult, but when you see such a magnificent scenery, everyone feels that these hardships are worth it. Between hard and pleasant, the end of the first day of relaxation. The next step is to wait for the next day and go to Jinshi River in Luotian County, Huanggang City, Hubei Province.

Early the next morning, everyone couldn't wait to get to the Jinshi River as soon as possible. The weather was really hot. Everyone wanted to feel the stimulation and coolness of the water wave impact. Jinshi River Rafting This is a stimulating project. The whole journey takes about one hour of drifting time. There are 35 large and small gaps and shoals. The screams in the process, cheers come and go, and the waves are hit by the oncoming water waves. The clothes were all wet, but it did not affect everyone's good mood.


This tour not only enjoys the strange landscape of nature, but also feels the deep secluded canyon, the strange rocky gorge, and the clear-flowing original ecological atmosphere, which makes our eyes open and pleasant.

On the afternoon of August 14, we returned smoothly and looked forward to the next trip.

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