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On August 25th, 2019, in order to increase the business ability of colleagues and learn more about foreign trade, our company launched a “sharing”-themed speech contest, which not only allows us to improve our ability. Opportunity is also an exercise to overcome timidity and enhance eloquence, so everyone is eager to sign up.


  For this important speech contest, my colleagues have completed the manuscript and under the guidance of the teacher, with the emotions dissolved in the water to read and recite, we know that only those who can withstand the embarrassment can come to meet The road to success, so we must work hard to perfect ourselves and let the light shine for success.


   After a period of careful preparation, we came to a conference hall and obviously felt that everyone was very excited and could not wait to start as soon as possible. I seem to be a little lax. When the sharp, shrill voice shouted to my name, I secretly encouraged myself and learned to do it with a hard scalp. In the course of that speech, everyone was loud and strong. At this time, everyone seems to have matured a lot more than before. There are some tensions before the game, and some more calm and calm. In the final key finals, everyone took the stage without hesitation, took the microphone, and uttered the manuscripts that came out of his mind. Finally, as the host reported the winners one by one, the speech was over. However, its aftertaste is still echoing in our hearts. Through this speech, everyone has gained a lot.

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