The implementation plan of our company to actively prevent new type of coronary pneumonia

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1. Properly publicize the requirements of epidemic control, guide scientific protection knowledge training, and effectively implement various prevention and control measures in accordance with local government requirements and actual conditions;

2. Responsible for implementing employee temperature monitoring and on-site area disinfection measures in their respective areas of responsibility

1. Distribute masks on demand every week. Employees must wear masks in public areas and factory areas. Do not shake hands or make direct physical contact when meeting.

2. The effective time of the disposable medical mask is 4-6 hours, and it must be replaced in time for each shift.

3. The discarded masks are collected in a unified way and thrown into the designated trash bin. Use 500mg / L of effective chlorine disinfectant for daily spray disinfection.

4. The dormitory manager in the company's dormitory should register and inspect the staff in the dormitory, track the employee's temperature registration, report any abnormalities in a timely manner, and urge the dormitory staff to wear masks and pay attention to personal hygiene.

(IV) Abnormal response measures

1. Once you have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, dry cough, and difficulty breathing, go to the hospital as soon as possible and report to the emergency leadership team.

2. For those who have been in close contact with a patient with a diagnosis or suspected disease, they should contact the medical institution or CDC immediately and report it to the emergency leadership team.

Employees returning to Xinxiang from Hubei must first isolate themselves for two weeks. Responsible for yourself and for the sake of others. Be sure to implement the isolation requirements. If you have fever or other suspected symptoms, please go to the designated hospital in time and tell the doctor to report to the company at the same time. If it is not possible to work on time due to isolation or traffic control, according to the latest government policy, annual leave is given priority. Exceeding the annual leave time is also considered normal attendance, but you must report to your department for confirmation. At the same time, visitors from Hubei must also report to isolation.

During the epidemic, take necessary precautions to protect the health of company employees.

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