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Starry Sky Pattern disposable 3-layer thickened face mask with melt blown cloth

3 ply non woven disposable face mask:
1. pp non-woven + melt blown fliter paper + pp non-woven
2. adjustable nose clip
3. elastic earloop

make you more comfortable and safety
  • A11-000002

Because of the coronavirus, we strongly recommend you wear FACE MASK and FACE SHIELD


Use the face shield ,it is not only to prevent infection to others, but also to protect yourself from infection.



Product Item      disposable face mask
Material 3 ply: 

1st layer: PP non woven (20g)

2nd layer: melt blown fliter paper (20-25g)

3rd layer: PP non woven (20g)

Size 145*90mm (length*width)
Color blue
Packing 30 pcs / box

1. Soft material, make you more comfortable


2. 3 layers protection, make you more safety


3. Adjustable nose clip and elastic earloop











1. Masks should be replaced in time. Long-term use is not recommended.

2. Unsuitable or adverse reactions during wearing, it is recommended to stop using.

3. This product is not washable, please make sure to use it within the validity period.

4. Store in a dry, ventilated place, away from fire and flammable materials.



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