Silicone food fresh lid set of 6

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Silicone food fresh lid set of 6

With the improvement of living standards, every household uses refrigerators and microwave ovens. Uneaten food, tear a plastic wrap, put it in the refrigerator, reduce the odor, continue to eat the next day. So basically every family can't do without the plastic wrap.


But does it have an unknown side, do you know?


The cling film on the market mostly uses ethylene masterbatch as raw material, which is divided into three major categories of PE, PVDC and PVC. Among them, there is also a dangerous component, PVC cling film.


PVC cling film, when it comes to oil, heat, cold, etc., is easily diluted, enters the human body with food, affects endocrine lightly, and causes breast cancer, birth defects or male reproductive disorders. PVC cling film has long been banned from use in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, etc., but it has been introduced to China, and 70% of the market is PVC cling film. Spending a little money is a trivial matter, causing harm to the body, then we must refuse.

So today we recommend a safe and hygienic, second-generation plastic wrap---home fresh-keeping cover. It is not a disposable product, but a high-temperature resistant, pacifier-grade silicone resin that can be refrigerated, has a large elasticity, has no odor, and is suitable for recycling various shapes and vessels. The silicone fresh-keeping lid has good sealing performance, no dripping, and strong adsorption force. It is available in 6 different sizes and is suitable for a variety of sizes.


1.Pacifier food grade silicone material, safer and more assured

 It has been reported that meat storage cannot be contacted with plasticizer-containing products such as plastic wrap, because meat fat can promote the absorption of plasticizers. When such meat is eaten again, it has a great impact on the human body. Everyone knows that baby products are the highest level of demand in all industries. This silicone fresh-keeping cover is also made of the same grade of silicone material as the baby's pacifier. After all, it must be meticulously intimately in contact with the food. This product has passed the FDA authoritative test, does not contain BPA, passed SGS certification, quality assurance, and purchase and use with confidence.

2. Elastic, sealing performance is more than 100 times than ordinary plastic wrap

The sealing performance is super good, the customer evaluation, the cup has a gap, and will not leak, "super easy to use universal cover", "applicable to all containers, the seal is very good", tensile, elastic can pull twice as much as the product itself. Soft, easy to use, not easy to tear, it is because of the elasticity. The sealing cover on the utensils will be better sealed on the utensils. It will not fall off easily by hand. It directly isolates the contact between the food and the outside world, which helps the food to be stored better and easily bid farewell to the food odor. If you put it upside down, there will be no possibility of leaking it out.

3. High temperature or cold storage is not afraid ,can be directly disinfected with boiling water

Colorless and odorless, safe and secure, can be directly put into the microwave to heat, safe and no smell (note here, because the fresh cover is better sealed, do not completely seal when placed in the microwave oven).

4.Humanized design, more convenient to use

There are 5 pullable handle designs around each fresh lid. It is convenient for us to use the 4-6 ring anti-slip design on the inner ring of the fresh-keeping cover when using it. It can better cover the container when it is used, and it is not easy to slip.

5.Six different size combinations

In the selection of materials, this silicone fresh-keeping cover uses the best silica gel. In terms of elasticity, it has 1-2 times higher elasticity than similar products. All kinds of shapes can be used to make a universal fresh-keeping cover. Convenient and easy to use. Available in six different sizes for almost all household utensils.

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