Remember the company travel in 2019---the feelings of employees from Tianyi Group

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In order to enrich employees' spare time, expand their horizons, and work in a healthy state; relax their employees' status, work and live pressures too much, and achieve relaxation through tourism; create a good corporate culture, cultivate employees' sentiments, and improve Employees' sense of belonging and honor, through tourism can motivate employees' enthusiasm, loyalty and team spirit; can increase employees' feelings and team cohesion; especially hold this tourism activity.

The tourism activity was jointly promoted by the boss and the administrative personnel department. The two departments had done detailed deployment work before the trip. From accommodation, catering, transportation to personnel statistics, itinerary arrangement, event notification, nothing was fine, every detail was all. It embodies the company's efforts and the desire to make employees happy and play.


On the day of August in the golden autumn, employees from various departments gathered in the company, counted the number of people, and got on the train in an orderly manner, and embarked on our pleasant two-day trip. During the journey, everyone was full of interest, and some could not wait to photograph the beautiful scenery outside the window, and some of them talked about their homes. The four-hour drive soon ended in everyone's laughter and laughter, and we arrived at the natural oxygen that we were thinking of. After lunch, go deep into the forest and explore, in the evening. The comprehensive security department distributed the room keys for everyone. Everyone entered the room happily. During the dinner time, everyone gathered in the restaurant. During the dinner, everyone was very excited, talking to each other and confiding. After the meal, free activities, some played poker; some sang songs, singing loudly, echoing in the air; some can't wait to go out and enjoy the unique style away from the city, look up, sky blue, grass Such as Cui, Yunhua Qingxiu; the best of the highlights of the natural infinite scenery.

After the breakfast was finished the next day, everyone gathered to start the most exciting rafting trip. Soon we arrived at the destination, got off the train in order, and took a group photo at the entrance of the scenic spot. After that, enter the scenic spot, free to move, enjoy the beautiful scenery, there are colorful activities, some thrills; some highlight the unique style; some are thrilling; some leisurely, happy in it; , zip line and so on. Really witnessed the unique forest atmosphere in the laughter, the journey is over. After lunch, everyone started to go home. The trip, relaxing and decompressing, not only enhanced the emotional exchange between the people, but also enhanced the cohesiveness of the company. At the same time, it also reflects the work style of the four-in-one leadership care for employees and work and rest.


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