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Luggage tag, also known as registration card, information card, luggage card, label plate, billboard

There are more and more people traveling now, and there are many ways to go. Whether it is long-distance travel or long-distance travel, there will always be a bunch of luggage.
Bring the belt, and in order to avoid the messy loss of many luggage, the luggage tag is widely used in various stations, airports, hotels,
Waiting room and other places. So what is a luggage tag? The luggage tag is used to identify the belonging of the baggage and is made of various materials.
A sign with a name, a name, a letter, etc., as a voucher for the passenger to collect the baggage. Remind when used on luggage
Don't take the wrong ones, you can find your own quickly in a lot of luggage, even if the luggage is lost, you can let the airport staff
Contact yourself.
PVC soft plastic luggage tag on the surface of cartoon characters or company LOGO can be made into relief effect, bumpy, true color and will not fade. In addition, it has the characteristics of low production cost, durability, and dirt resistance. These advantages make PVC soft plastic luggage tag  become Currently the most widely used luggage tag.
PVC luggage tag is wear-resistant and easy to clean. It is the logo of the luggage bag. It can be used in the luggage storage area, or it can be used by itself.
Print other embossed patterns or text. Fashionable, unique style, diverse colors, fashion trends.
Application range:
Mainly used in hotels, luggage, exhibitions, visits, membership cards, VIP cards, bank cards and other industries.
The main application logo, exhibition, hotel, checked baggage, hostel, card label label.
The luggage tag we produce is made of PVC.
The surface is soft pvc, the back is made of ABS luggage tag back frame, paper card, transparent film and other information can be written put on the luggage tag strap and pack it in a separate OPP bag.

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