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The refrigerator sticker is made of PVC and magnet. Among them, the magnet has soft magnetic and hard magnetic, and soft magnetic is generally used.

Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless to the human body, it can be used repeatedly for a long time. Made of soft magnetic, magnetically sufficient, soft, customizable in any shape and size, from 10MM to 1000MM; thickness from 0.35MM to 3MM; products can also do 2D/3D effect, top quality and excellent. The surface can be made in a variety of colors and looks stylish. His dust-proof, anti-scratch fingerprint design is not easy to dust and easy to clean. Dirty can be washed with detergent and water.

Custom logos and patterns are a hot sale of promotional, decorative and gift gifts.

Products can be customized according to the company logo or advertising content, sample design (sample to map), where the product is brought to where the advertisement is brought, is the choice of enterprises to choose gifts, business communication, etc.; enterprises choose this product to give gifts or products Promotions or exhibitions, conferences, opening celebrations, etc. will definitely bring unexpected benefits to the company.

Tourist hotspot cities have a variety of tourist souvenirs sold in the form of refrigerator stickers. Refrigerator stickers made by local tourist logos, local customs and other design concepts are common.

When the PVC refrigerator is attached to the family, it is also used for memorandum. For example, if you buy any vegetables or other foods in the refrigerator, you can remember it, or go out and remember to bring an umbrella, cool down, and so on. remind. Decoration and memo two-in-one, and very beautiful and practical daily necessities.

Our advantage:

1. There are more than 1,000 square meters of production plants, multiple injection molding machines and mold clamping machines.

2.70% of employees have more than 5 years experience in epoxy production. Quality is guaranteed.

3. Our competitive advantage in the scale advantage brought by the industry.

4. There are independent mold, design, development department, there are many carved open mold machines.

From design proofing, production and production, quality control, shipping time control, product consignment, after-sales tracking, each step is strictly required, three inspection controls, weather resistance and magnetic testing, the dimensions are accurate to 0.2mm, and subject to third-party inspection. Try to be 100% satisfied!


So how should we detect product quality? First look at the pvc refrigerator stick cooked. After the product comes out of the oven, it is slightly folded. If it is cracked, it means it is not cooked. Second is the color and position. According to the customer's sample, the color and position of the products we produce are consistent with the sample. Look at whether the bottom of the pvc refrigerator sticker is flat, and there is no air bubble in the place where the magnet on the back of the product cannot be attached. Look again at the pvc refrigerator with bubbles, impurities, and mixed colors. Finally, see if the packaging meets the requirements.

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