Origin of the bracelet

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The bracelet is a decorative piece made of silicone that is worn on the arm. This bracelet is usually printed with a text or logo, usually reflecting the wearer's beliefs and values. Or for promotional activities.

The trend of the silicone bracelet is actually driven by the Seventh King of the Tour de France, Armstrong, the famous sports company Nike.

Five million yellow plastic hand straps with the word "liveSTRONG" were produced and sold for $1 each to raise funds for the Lance Armstrong Fund (LAF). Later, a number of charities followed the LAF to specialize The English words or words printed on the plastic hand strap can be used as a propaganda for the organization in addition to raising funds. This trend began in the United States, and soon the European region was also infected by this trend. So far, the rubber strap is still the most popular accessory in Europe and America. This craze recently landed in Asia, and the American fast-food restaurant McDonald's launched a plastic hand-replacement plan in some Asian countries. It was popular among young people and pushed this trend to a higher level.

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