Origin of Christmas

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Many people think that Christmas is a Christian holiday and even a symbol of European and American culture. These views are biased because they do not understand history. In fact, Christmas is a very old holiday that existed at least 6,000 years ago. Christmas originates from the sun worship of ancient Egypt-Two Rivers culture. Ancient Egypt-Two Rivers culture believes that the sun is the master of the ecological cycle. These cycles include the daily rising sun and sunset, the four seasons cycle, the dead plants in winter, the spring regeneration, and the regular flood of the river. Therefore, the essence of solar worship is ecological cycle worship and ecological stability worship.埃及 Ancient Egypt-Two rivers culture has developed complex sun sacrifice rituals, the purpose of which is to promote the continuity of the ecological cycle and enhance the stability and security of the ecology.埃及 Ancient Egypt-Two Rivers culture believes that the sun moving towards the Tropic of Cancer means death, while moving towards the Tropic of Cancer means regeneration. The winter solstice day is the turning point of the sun's movement from south to north, and also the turning point of the ecological power from death to regeneration. Therefore, we should celebrate it on this day. Christianity was developed on the basis of the ancient Egyptian-Two Rivers culture. It also inherited this festival, but changed the birth of Taimo to the birth of Jesus. The practice of sacrificing the sun to the winter solstice was introduced to China very early, and it is likely that it came with wheat. This is the sacrifice to heaven. The Temple of Heaven in Beijing is still there, and it is used to worship heaven. The day of sacrifice is also the winter solstice. The ancient Chinese festival and the current Christmas are actually a festival. When did China ’s sacrifice to heaven begin? According to the information in Comprehensive Book of Rites, at least it has been in the Xia Dynasty, and it has been four years since then. At present, the earliest remains of wheat excavated by archaeology are also four years ago. If the inference that Jitian was introduced with wheat is established, its start time in China is also four years ago, which is in line with the record of the Book of Rites. A common misconception is that Christmas is a Western tradition, to be precise the European Christian tradition, and the winter solstice festival is a Chinese tradition. Under the general trend of returning to China's own tradition, some people advocate eliminating the influence of Christmas in China and returning to the tradition of sacrificing heaven.

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