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The medals are generally made of copper, aluminum, gold or silver, but now they are exported to overseas using zinc alloy materials because the hardness and texture are very good. The quality of the medals will be much more valuable for sales and product significance. Medals are generally used in sports games, or in various competitions, and are often used for corporate employee awards.


Medal design can be innovative. Design and produce medals of various characteristics for customers. Copper sand gold, sand silver, aluminum sandblasting, gold, titanium anti-corrosion, wire polishing, two-color gold, gold foil medals, silver foil medals, laser engraving and other craft signs. Of course, the material selection is good for importing. Various electroplating processes have developed various processes, in which the laser laser shape is different and looks more beautiful.

The innovation of medal making, low price, quality assurance, short delivery time and high cost performance are currently working with customers to go hand in hand and open up new ideas. The price is only a reference, the integrity is the first. The concept of honest cooperation and innovation requires high quality and the pursuit of perfection. The medal production is made according to the customer, for reference only, not too much suppression, the product is owned by the customer, if you need Customized products, we can provide samples and pictures to us, all kinds of medals are made, the color is more beautiful, the effect should be eye-catching, and it is also resistant to high temperature, not easy to deform and not fade.


The corrosion resistance of the medals is also very good, as well as waterproof and fireproof effects. Our factory can make various products according to different customer needs. The design is reasonable, the technology is advanced, the customer is the center, and the quality is the focus. The preferential price is the guarantee of the customer's demand, and the price and quality are the most cost-effective.

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