Lanyard material

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Lanyard material

Polyester (PET) :

1, strong wear resistance.

2, poor water absorption, the official moisture regain rate of 0.4% (20 ° C, relative humidity of 65%, 100 g of polyester water absorption of 0.4 g).

3, easy to produce static electricity, easy to pilling.

4, acid and alkali resistant. Note: A certain concentration of alkali destroys the surface of the polyester at a certain temperature to make the fabric feel soft.

5. Corrosion resistance and light resistance are better.

6. The fabric woven from polyester fiber is not easy to wrinkle, has good dimensional stability, and is easy to wash and dry.


Polyester spinning

1, FDY (filament): single fiber parallel smooth and uniform, divided into large light, light, half light, extinction, brightness is getting weaker.

2, DTY (elastic wire): single fiber bending, low expansion, fluffy, as shown.

3, DTY network wire (low-elastic network wire): There are stages of network points, increasing the ability to bundle between fibers (divided into no network, light network, medium network, heavy network, where the heavy network can be used as a free wire).

In general, FDY and DTY must be sizing or twisted before they can be used as warp.

Sizing: increase the strength of the thread; the cohesion between the fibers; make the surface of the fiber smooth and easy to weave.

Twisting: increase the strength; increase the cohesion between the fibers; make the fabric have a smashing effect.

4, POY (pre-oriented yarn): can not be stretched and can not be rebounded, can not be used alone as warp or weft, must be combined with other silk, can be extended 1.6 times, POY silk is a low-elastic network silk semi-finished products. Typical fabric: washed wool.

5, ATY (air deformation wire): the surface is not smooth, there are loops. Typical fabric: velvet

6. Polyester staple fiber: A plurality of short fibers are twisted along the axial direction.

7. Polyester bamboo silk: The filament and the low elastic yarn are twisted, and the speed of the elastic yarn is slow.

8, high elastic wire: high expansion, high fluffy.

9. Polyester cation wire: It can produce two-color effect with ordinary polyester yarn, easy to dye and bright color.


1, the strength is very good, even more than the same fineness of the wire.

2, wear resistance is very good, more than other textile fibers, suitable for sportswear, socks, parachutes, cables.

3, poor water absorption, the official regain rate of 4%, easy to static, fluff, pilling.

4, alkali resistance is not acid resistant, 37.5% hydrochloric acid can be dissolved.

5, good corrosion resistance, poor water resistance, poor light resistance, heat resistance, long-term strong decline in yellowing.

6. The garment made of nylon is easy to deform and easy to wrinkle.



Spandex (PU):

Properties: Elongation 500-800%, low strength, resistance to sweat, seawater resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, good latitude and longitude thread, must be coated with other silk yarns.

The spandex coating forms mainly include: empty bag (visible can be seen); machine bag (spandex is wrapped inside)

Island composite wire: It is a composite yarn made of a mixture of island silk and high shrinkage silk.

High shrinkage silk: boiling water shrinkage rate of 35% (so the rate of suede is very large).

Island silk: microfiber, single fiber up to 0.138 (crepe feeling of suede).


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