Introduction of hardware key chain products

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The key chain of hardware, can make any shape, any size from the appearance, introduce common or more common specifications only.






Stainless steel

Resistant to corrosion and rust

Price is relatively high


wide range of use

Prices generally


The price is good

Easy to rust


corrosion resistance

The price is high

Zinc alloy (or other alloy)

Flexible, affordable

It looks a little less elegant than copper



Size: customize any size and shape (square, round, irregular shape, etc.)
Color: the metal body of the key ring itself can be made into a variety of colors by electroplating process. The following picture can be used as a reference.
Retro category: ancient silver, ancient nickel, black wire drawing, red bronze, green bronze, black nickel
Copper color: matte copper, bright copper
Silver: chrome, nickel, silver, matt silver, matt nickel
Gold: imitation gold, matt gold, real gold

Production process: shaping → plating → logo color
Molding process:
Die casting process, stamping process, cutting process, hydraulic process, corrosion
Logo process:
Imitation enamel process, baking process, flat printing, glue drop process
(glue dropping process can be combined with the previous several processes, such as baking paint + glue dropping, printing + glue dropping)
Key rings can be symmetrical on both sides, can be customized, or frosted /CD texture/light plate
Accessories: the accessories are various and can match each other (the color can be changed by electroplating).
Aperture + chain, flat + chain, apple + chain, dog + chain, hiking + chain, wreath + chain, etc
Packaging :(OPP package by default)
Paper, OPP bag, bubble bag, metal box, plastic box, acrylic box, wooden box, flannelit box, paper box


Q: what format do you need for the customized products?
A: original documents such as AI/CDR/PDF shall be provided for the design draft. If there is no original design, clear pictures can be provided.

Q: does the mold fee include the proofing fee? How many samples can you provide?
A: the mold fee is also the proofing fee, providing 2-3 samples. If the amount is large, only 1 sample will be provided. If the customer needs to add more samples (no more than 5 samples), the sample fee will be charged according to the product unit price.

Q: how many days do you make samples? How long does the bulk take?
A: the proofing is usually within 7-10 days, depending on the complexity of product design. The bulk production is generally about 12-20 days, depending on the quantity

Q: how do I know if your products are in line with the customer's design? Can I change the mold in the middle?
A: after receiving the mold fee, our company will arrange the mold technician to draw the 2D or 3D effect diagram to the customer for confirmation. Before the formal opening of the mold, the customer can put forward the modification suggestion, and our company can modify the mold plan if it is technically feasible. In the process of mold opening, if the customer has confirmed the mold drawing for reasons, the customer will bear the cost of redoing the mold.

Q: what are your terms of payment?
A: through bank transfer, alipay, western union, paypal, etc. Down payment 30% deposit, balance needs to be paid before delivery.

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