Introduction of Silicone card sleeves

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Silicone card sleeve belongs to the category of silicone gifts in silicone products. It is a kind of colorless and odorous ferrule made of silica gel. It has a soft hand and is relatively close to human skin. The back is 3m glue, it is not easy to fall on the back of the object.

Silicone card sleeves are now commonly used in bank cards, door cards, or bus cards, mainly because if these cards are placed in the hand or in a bag, they will feel that they will be dropped. Now there are These silicone card sleeves will not cause these problems, it is easy to wrap these cards, and the problems you worry about will not appear.

Our factory mainly produces silicone ferrules,

1. Custom pattern, you only need to send us your logo, our professional design team can provide you with design artwork, the main process is printing.

2. Various colors, we can customize any color for you according to Pantone color number. We have regular

3. Quality assurance, our order will usually be completed within 2-5 working days, if you have any questions and queries about the order, we will solve it for you all day online.

As a daily necessities for modern urban office workers and young students, card sets are everywhere in life. Nowadays many children and students wear school cards, meal cards, and work cards, bank cards, and doors required by office workers. Cards and so on can not escape the restraint of card sleeves, so in recent years, "silicone card sleeves" have also become crazy hot in the market by virtue of the trend of this era and the advantages of material technology. Products that can protect things and can be used as decorative items. I think everyone may have used them. Then I think that friends who are more commonly used should not be too much for one person!

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