How to get along with European customers ?

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In the context of today's world economic integration, more and more people have put foreign trade's vision on developed countries.

First of all, the vast majority of developed countries in the world are not in the Americas or in Asia, but in Europe. The establishment of the European Union and the signing of the European Schengen Agreement have greatly boosted the economic level of the whole of Europe. The EU is not only a political community but also an economic community. For the whole of Europe, the economic benefits brought about by economic integration are enormous. The trade barriers between countries have been abolished and the tariffs on trade between countries have been eliminated. Don't ignore the huge integrated trade market in Europe.

Therefore, since we realize that Europe is such a superior integrated market, what are the geographical characteristics of European customers?

French customers are more casual, have a sense of pride in their identity, can make jokes, and have a very humorous personality. French customers generally have poor English and are efficient. Before you communicate with French customers, you need to know more about French culture. You can vote for it in the future communication, and you can often get twice the result with half the effort.

British customers are exactly the opposite of French customers. They are slightly stereotyped, unsmiling and very polite. They are very concerned about the credibility, and if he does not do what he promises, he will be very angry. But once you gain trust with your UK customers, the partnership will last a long time.

The character of a German client is between a UK customer and a French client. German customers are more realistic, the quality of the products is very high, but the words are more humorous, not as rigid as the British customers, but not as casual as French customers. Once you have reached a cooperation with a German customer, you must pay great attention to them, they are quality customers.

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