How to better communicate with foreign customers?

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1.The language organization ability should be strong. How to express your meaning to foreigners and not let him misunderstand, such a very simple request requires you to have a stronger language organization ability.

2.The content should be accurate. It is the most basic requirement to ensure the correct spelling of words. Try to find some common words instead of uncommon words. In the formal mail exchange, do not have general words, try to make it clear. Especially time and specific issues. There must be a positive answer.

3.To understand the differences in religions and customs in different countries. Most Europeans and Americans believe in Christianity, and the Middle East people believe in Islam. What are the taboos in religion? The same is true of customs.

4. To understand the differences between cultures of different countries. This can't be discussed in general. There are cultural differences between China and Europe and the United States, China and Japan, South Korea, India and other countries. We must understand some important differences and avoid leaving bad impressions.

5. Finally, how to communicate with people is of course different from person to person. The same is a European and American, cheerful, and reticent, anyway, there are people of all kinds. Everyone's personality hobby has a different way of doing things.

 There is no general guideline for communicating with them, it can only vary from person to person.

To attract customers, you need to come up with the most competitive things, such as price, or style, or quality. Don't have some useless nonsense.

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