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In order to strengthen the company's cohesion, strengthen the sense of belonging of employees, embody humane care, further promote the construction of corporate culture, and develop a good corporate cohesiveness and cohesiveness, so that each employee can truly feel the warmth of the company's big family. The Personnel Department of Gaoyao Tianyi Metal & Plastic Co.,Ltd. organizes monthly activities for employees to celebrate their birthdays.

2019.10.29 Our company held a birthday lottery for colleagues who celebrated their birthday in October. Every birthday party received blessings and flowers from the company. They can have such activities in their spare time, they feel warm and happy.Colleagues who have never had a birthday are also infected with this warmth. On this day, the company organized a company-wide birthday dinner and party, which also allowed everyone to relax and entertain themselves after work.

An excellent enterprise First of all, to establish a sound management system and recruit employees into the enterprise, it is not simply to use it as a labor force, but to care for them, strengthen their management and education, and constantly improve their professional ethics and labor. The skill level becomes a useful talent to meet the needs of enterprise development and social progress. Enterprises must bear certain social responsibilities, entrepreneurs must have a strong sense of social responsibility, and caring for employees is a manifestation of entrepreneurs fulfilling their social responsibilities. In line with this philosophy, we always adhere to the people-oriented, care for employees, care for employees, respect employees as the top priority of management, and create good conditions for the healthy growth of employees. We encourage our employees to work hard and get rich. With smart brains and hardworking hands, we serve our guests, create wealth for the society, realize our own value with honest labor, and get the corresponding rewards. Care for employees' articles _ Care for employees Care for employees' articles _ articles about caring employees. Through joint efforts, we have guided the internal labor relations of enterprises to an efficient, fair and benign track, and created an internal environment that creates wealth, develops together, shares civilization and progress, and a harmonious labor relationship, and promotes enterprises and employees. Forming a community of interests and achieving a win-win situation is also an inevitable choice for private enterprises to achieve sustainable development.

Every time I celebrate my birthday and participate in company activities, I am extremely happy. The company is with us and we are with the company.

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