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Since 2018, in order to improve customer satisfaction, we have in-depth exploration and enhancement of customer experience in all aspects. Therefore, based on long-term communication and coordination, trial operation, we have achieved the following experience.


1. The people we work for are one-on-one professional services to customers. Customers only need to send emails or Alibaba's purchasing needs. We will communicate with you the purchase details and requirements in the first time, and provide the products you want. Design drawings, after you confirm the artwork and product prices, we will arrange your production, tasting, and shipping. After the customer confirms the order until the customer receives the goods, the customer does not need to do extra work, and we are responsible for the whole process.


2. The design of the product is designed according to the customer's wishes and designed free of charge. The design time is short. The general design artwork will show your design after 10-30 minutes after you confirm all the requirements.

(1) such as silicone bracelet design, PVC keychain design, hardware design, ribbon design, etc.


3. The production time is fast, the product quality is guaranteed, we have a unified assembly line, we will be much faster than the production time of the market. If you have an urgent order, we can meet the demand in time (remarks can not all orders are Urgent order).

We have a quality inspection department, the quality inspection of the products is very strict, and the products are inspected for defects. (If we fail to meet the quality required by the customers, we will refund them unconditionally).


4. Shipment aging is a few cheaper: We have long been working with official DHL and Fedex. DHL and Fedex give us a very big discount. The only one in the market, the price is absolutely your heart.

After we receive your address, fedex, DHL will come to our factory to pick up the goods directly and arrange international flights. The transportation time is usually 3-5 days. If you go to the US, Thailand, Malaysia, etc., usually 2-3 days. Can be reached, customers only need to wait for the receipt of goods at the company or at home, door-to-door service is very convenient, no need to pay any customs and cumbersome procedures.

(If the quantity of purchase is large, we also have preferential air and sea cloud services. Similarly, we have a good price advantage, we can also do door-to-door service.)

5. After-sales service; if we fail to ship according to the contract agreement or do not reach the required requirements, just apply for a refund, if it is our problem, we will have no reason to refund. 6 payment service, in order to facilitate our customers need us to receive Paypal, bank transfer, Alibaba. credit card, Money Gram and so on.

 For your profit and more business, we hope to cooperate with you. I sincerely hope that you will join.

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